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Safety First

COVID-19 Safety Measures

It is our duty to keep YOUR child safe, first and foremost.  We have taken measures to ensure that each child is under careful supervision, while maintaining social distancing guidelines that prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We have asked each family to remain distant from gatherings and events that would compromise the safety and cleanliness of our facility. 

We provide masks and sanitizer that are used throughout the day, and any close contact is followed by immediate cleaning/sanitizing.  We are keeping the child-teacher ratio low to ensure proper social distancing, while eliminating an overcrowded facility.

We want each child in our care to grow up to be explorers of the world, themselves, and their curiosity, however, we CANNOT ensure this without proper safety guidelines.  If your child has any symptoms of illness or has been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, they must stay home. 

So, PLEASE, be cautious of your environment so that your children can explore theirs.

Covid Questionnaire

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