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About Us

Our collective experience from our time here in South Lake Tahoe has shown us firsthand how important it is to be outside.  The fresh air, the wildlife, the alpine lakes - all of this creates an inviting arena for pursuing happiness and longevity.  Being able to grow up in such a wonderful place has so many benefits that others never get to experience.

We are now able to pass that experience along to your child.  The things we take for granted are another's dream of a lifetime.  We have gotten to bike ride, swim in many pristine lakes, and understand the importance of community.  We would not change that experience for the world, but this is our foundation for establishing Mountain View Explorers.

Your child deserves to be an Explorer - of their surroundings, themselves, lasting friendships, and the unknown.  Let's build their strengths and resilience together by exercising their creativity and connecting them to the great outdoors.


Benefits of an Outdoor Preschool

There are many benefits to an outdoor-based preschool, which are backed by research from countries like Sweden, who have had forest preschools for decades.

  • Improved gross motor skills

  • Improved language, communication, concentration, motivation, social skills, and hand-eye coordination

  • Lower rate of childhood obesity and better overall health - much less likely to become sick.

  • Children thrive in environments where they can be outside, which helps with problem solving, self-confidence, and focus

  • Interacting in a natural environment allows children to experiment with ideas

  • In nature, children think, question, and make hypotheses, thereby developing inquisitive minds

  • Sensory stimulation derived from interacting with natural environments allows children to learn with ALL of their senses

  • Human well-being depends on our collective care for the earth - our shared home in the universe

  • A robust, growing body of evidence indicates that experiences in nature support multiple dimensions of human health and well-being

What does outdoor learning learning consist of?

Outdoor learning includes discovery, experimentation, connection, and engagement with the natural world.  Environmental and adventurous activities aid in the ability to expand their thinking beyond themselves.

We will spend a significant portion of our time at Mountain View Explorers outdoors creating a connection to the world and, therefore, appreciating and advocating for both climate and nature.

Please reach out for more information!

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